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Ramadan Drummer Basket

Ramadan Drummer Basket

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In 2016, Hello Holy Days introduced a fictional holiday character for Ramadan - the Ramadan Drummer! Based off a real Muslim tradition, we spruced him up to be on par with American holidays.

Fill up our Ramadan Drummer basket with treats, goodies and small books for a delightful way to welcome Ramadan or to celebrate Eid al Fitr. 

  • Soft felt construction perfect for kids
  • Interior cotton lining in a blue ticking stripe
  • Vibrant Ramadan colors that tell the story of the holiday
  • Tassel detail for whimsy 
  • Embroidery and felt appliques
  • Durable, reuse it over and over
  • Safety test approved

Overall dimensions (including handles): 15" H x 8" W

Basket dimensions: 8" diameter

Why a Ramadan Drummer?

Playing drums at celebratory occasions is a longstanding tradition within Islam, evidence of which is found in hadith as well. All across Muslim countries, throughout time, a drummer would take to the streets to wake people up for their morning meal before a long day of fasting. Eventually, in most of the world, the tradition started to fade with the advent of alarm clocks. So Hello Holy Days brought him to modern day American society in a charming manner, akin to Santa Claus. 


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